‘Hamilton’ Star Performs ‘Barack Obama: The Musical’

Superfan TV

Hamilton star, Leslie Odom, Jr., was one of many celebrities who went to the White House to bid farewell to President Barack Obama. Movie stars like Samuel L. Jackson and Bradley Cooper spoke briefly about President Obama before introducing musical acts like Common, Jill Scott, The Roots, Usher, and even Bel Biv Devoe. But the performance of the night was from Leslie Odom, Jr., who sang an original Hamilton-inspired song about the Obamas.

Leslie rapped about Obama’s rise to the White House with lyrics like, “Organizer to senator, he went through door, and whoa, it’s that great speech 2004, and whoa, world began to really pay attention, to the top spot could be his, the people started to listen.” Of course, Leslie couldn’t leave out the woman behind the man, saying this about the First Lady, “Then there's Michelle, she’s ride or die, an amazing woman, right there by his side.”

Leslie ended the the song by saying, “I’m still working on it, I’m gonna get Lin to punch it up, I promise,” referring to Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created Hamilton.