‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Doctors Need Lesson in Proper Hospital Etiquette

Superfan TV

The fall finale of Grey’s Anatomy started with an apartment building collapsing and Dr. Karev’s response was, “Oh, we're drinking tonight.” While some levity is necessary during tragic situations, it seems as though the doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital could use a refresher course on proper hospital etiquette.

The hospital was full of injured people from the collapsed building, and the landlord of the apartment complex confessed to Dr. Warren that it was all his fault. The landlord thought he was dying and needed forgiveness. Shortly after the confession, other doctors were joking with Dr. Warren about him pretending to be a priest.

Later in the episode, Dr. Robbins was treating a child with help from the new arrival, Dr. Minnick. The two doctors had an awkward conversation where Dr. Minnick was clearly hitting on Dr. Robbins right in front of the patient. Commingling with co-workers is bad enough, but you can’t do it right in front of a patient!