Golden Globe Award Categories We Miss: Best New Star

Victoria Leigh Miller
Yahoo Contributor NetworkDecember 14, 2012

The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards nominees have been revealed, and the list is chock full of the usual categories like Best Motion Picture and Best Actor in a TV Series. The nominees are fairly predictable too; is it any shocker that Claire Danes was nominated in the Best Television Actress category, or that Daniel Day-Lewis and "Lincoln" lead the pack for movie categories?

All this well-deserved predictability got us thinking about some of the Golden Globe categories that have been unceremoniously retired.

The short-lived Best Documentary Film Award was last awarded in 1977 ("Elvis on Tour" was the winner in '72, the first year the award was given) and categories like Motion Picture Promoting International Understanding faded into oblivion in the early 1960s.

But one category the Hollywood Foreign Press Association should consider resurrecting is the New Star of the Year Award. This award was kind of like the Best New Artist award at the Grammys, and what up-and-comer wouldn't want to be recognized as a shining star?

Last seen at the 40th Golden Globe Awards ceremony in 1983, this award gave the gold to then-newbies like Richard Burton (1953), Arnold Schwarzenegger (1977), and Eddie Murphy (1982).

You've got to love an award that named Pia Zadora in 1982 ("Butterfly" was a far cry from her debut flick, "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians"); that gave a shout out to Twiggy (1962); and that recognized a pint-sized Tatum O'Neal as 1974's newest shining star. (An even younger Ricky Schroeder was just 9 years old when he won the Best New Star of the Year in 1980 for "The Champ.")

Of course, new stars are still recognized at the Golden Globes (new girl in town Leah Dunham just nabbed a nom in the Best Actress category), but with the resurgence of quality scripted television -- and the constant slew of new shows on cable networks -- it seems high time to get that New Star of the Year award back on the menu.