'Godzilla' Makes a Surprise Appearance at Comic-Con

Lucas Shaw
The Wrap
'Godzilla' Makes a Surprise Appearance at Comic-Con

"The Hobbit," "Pacific Rim" and "Man of Steel" will all have their moments in the sun Saturday at Comic-Con, but Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. decided to screen footage for something no one expected – "Godzilla."

Legendary chief Thomas Tull introduced a teaser for the reboot of the legendary monster franchise, and brought director Gareth Edwards (left) out on stage.

So what's the plan for the film?

"There is nothing sci-fi about this movie," Edwards said. "If this really happened, what would this be like?"

The clip, which aired twice, showed a devastated city and broken trains with a voice-over. While the iconic beast hid behind fumes and carnage, he reared his head at the end with one yell.

Needless to say, the crowd ate it up.

"Honest to god, just standing there when these guys screamed I was thinking 'Don't cry Gareth,'" the director said.

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