Gaza Humor as Twitter Hits Israel Conflict: 'What's the Martyr With You?'

Sharon Waxman
November 15, 2012
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Gaza Humor as Twitter Hits Israel Conflict: 'What's the Martyr With You?'

As Israel and Gaza mobilized on Thursday in a growing military conflict, Twitter exploded with gallows humor from global observers eager to weigh in over social media.

The phrase "Hamasbumpersticker" took off like wildfire across Twitter with darkly clever commentary on the growing violence, as Hamas fired missiles into Israel.

The shellings came in the wake of Israel's killing of Hamas military chief Ahmed Jabari in a targeted attack. 

Among the tweets from the feed: 

>> how's my driving? Call 1-800-bomb-you

>> what's the martyr with you?

>> If you can read this you must be a Hellfire missile

>> human Shields on Board

>> honk if Your Horn is not currently connected to a detonator

>> Gaza auto sales: we blow away the competition

>> My kid can blow up your kid

>> Read this to your favorite female loved one since she isn't allowed to read it to herself

>> honk If You're About to be Taken Out by an Israeli Air to Surface Missile

>> Shi'ite Happens

Another Twitter feed billing itself as @HamasGlobalPR did not appear to represent the actual governing authority but used an ironic voice to pose as the authority.

One tweet: "We condemn murder of A Jabari & the destruction of his new BMW M6. A merciful country would have shot last wk when he was driving a Fiat."

Also, the tweeter observed: "To avoid further confusion, we are changing our name to "Palestinians Entitled To Reject Agreements" # PETRA, & yes, we are moving to # Jordan"



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