Former ‘Walking Dead’ Showrunner To Write ‘Shining’ Prequel?

Kara Warner
Movie Talk

Recently departed 'Walking Dead' showrunner Glan Mazzara is reportedly in talks to write a prequel to Stephen King's iconic horror thriller "The Shining." According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project is tentatively titled "Overlook Hotel" and will be distributed by Warner Brothers.

The prequel would be Mazzara's first big gig after exiting "Dead," in addition to the TV development deal he signed last month with Fox Television Studios to produce cable projects with with his own production company 44 Strong Productions.

As the THR story points out, Mazzara, a TV veteran who produced "The Shield" and "Crash," is still "in talks" to write the prequel, which in Hollywood terms means that contracts have not been signed and it's not officially a done deal. Yet. The THR reporter who broke the story, Borys Kit, tweeted about the sensitive nature of the deal himself: "A word of caution: Glen Mazzara's dealmaking for the SHINING prequel is in sensitive territory so there's a chance it may not make."

No matter who eventually lands the scripting gig, early reports claim that "Overlook Hotel" will focus on a time period long before what transpires in "The Shining," when protagonist Jack Torrance loses him mind.

It should also be noted that while Warner Brothers moves ahead with "Overlook," author Stephen King is putting the finishing touches on a sequel to "The Shining" called "Doctor Sleep," which will reportedly be published in September. King has said that his sequel will explore what became of little boy psychic Danny Torrance, and has readers catching up with Danny as a now-middle-aged man.