Daniel Radcliffe Ejects a Pesky Love-Obstructer In Exclusive 'What If' Clip

Adam Pockross
Content Producer
July 30, 2014

For rom-com heroes and heroines, one obstacle that constantly blocks their path to true love is the overbearing boyfriend of the female star. As Daniel Radcliffe demonstrates in the clip above from the upcoming film, What If, perhaps the simplest way to get rid of that pesky love-obstructer is to simply push him out the window. Radcliffe plays Wallace, a med school dropout who fancies Chantry (Zoe Kazan), only to find out she’s already with Ben (Rafe Spall).

But unfortunately, while sending boyfriends falling to a street below simplifies an aspiring suitor’s problems, things are a bit more complicated when the boyfriend in question happens to be a pretty decent guy.

"In your standard romantic comedy, the character of Ben is just a sort of archetypal, unpleasant sort of guy that you can’t understand why she’s with him," Radcliffe told us recently over the phone. “But actually in our movie, he’s a great guy and he treats [Chantry] really well and nothing is wrong with him other than the fact that she is slowly falling in love with somebody else. I think that’s a much more truth-in-life situation than we often see in films.”

You can see how all the complications work out when What If opens in select cities on August 8 and in wide release on August 22.  

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