Five things to know about ‘Pitch Perfect’ star Rebel Wilson

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We knew Rebel Wilson was funny after watching her playing Kristen Wiig’s creepy roommate in 2011’s “Bridesmaids,” but she’s only grown on us since then. While promoting her new film, “Pitch Perfect,” which is in theaters now, the scene-stealing Australian actress has made a string of hilarious talk show appearances this week, one funnier than the next. Since we can’t get enough of the 28-year-old actress and comedian, we’ve dug up five facts about her that we just had to share…

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The girl can rap. “Pitch Perfect” is about a cappella singing groups, but Wilson – who was in the choir in high school – showed the world her rapping skills while appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” this week. She and the talk show host did a funny rendition of Salt-n-Pepa's 1993 hit song "Shoop," which has been making us sing, “shoop ba-doop ba-doop ba-doop,” ever since.

Her parents named her after a girl they met on their wedding day. “A little girl called Rebel sang at my parents wedding and that's where it comes from,” Wilson has said of her first name. “A pretty good name for this business, don't you think?"

She has a law degree. While Wilson was trying to launch her showbiz career, she was also in law school, which made for a crazy schedule. “It was really hard – I should have quit, but then it took a lot of work to get into that law school after high school so I was like, I may as well do it on the side,” she told Movieline. “I’d often be filming or doing plays and sometimes I’d have to miss my law exams because I was in a show in Australia, but they said OK, you can come back next week and do the exam, which was cool.” The law degree has come in handy in Hollywood. “When I first started, I did negotiate a lot of my own contracts. People look at me and they see my funny, stupid characters and they have no idea. Sometimes when I say, ‘Yeah, I could practice as a lawyer if I wanted to,’ people are like, ‘What? Who’d want you as a lawyer?’”


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She lives with her “Bridemaids” co-star, Matt Lucas. The actors, who played Kristen Wiig's weirdo sibling roommates in the film, became roommates over the summer, getting a place together in West Hollywood."We played roommates so well in ‘Bridesmaids’ we thought we'd do it for real,” she recently said on “Conan.” “Except instead of annoying Kristen Wiig, we're now annoying all the neighbors nearby." Apparently, they actually annoyed their neighbors with their raging hot tub parties. “I invite other celebrities over, and we rid the stresses of Hollywood by soaking in 104-degree water,” she told People. “It’s good.”

She once complimented Nicolas Cage’s hair – before she realized he had on a wig. Wilson has said that when she was filming “Ghost Rider,” she was instructed by Cage’s handlers not to look at or speak to the action star. However, Cage spoke to her first, so she took that opportunity to befriend him. Only, the first thing that came out of her mouth wasn’t a compliment. “I said, ‘Hi! Wow – your hair looks very good.’ And just as I was touching it, I realized it was a wig,” she said on “Conan. “Oh, I really put my foot in it – the first thing I said I was complimenting his head of hair and it wasn’t real.”

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