Five Things You Don't Know About Norman Reedus

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Five Things You Don't Know About Norman Reedus

His movie and TV career dates back to the late '90s and he currently portrays the crossbow hunting survivalist Daryl Dixon On AMC's zombie series The Walking Dead. Here are five things you probably don't know about Norman Reedus.

1. His first major film role was in the 1999 crime thriller The Boondock Saints.

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2. Before his acting took off, he worked in a Venice, CA motorcycle shop earning $7.50 an hour.

3. Grew up in Los Angeles, but also spent some time living in Japan, England and Spain.

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4. Lives with a titanium eye socket and four screws in his nose after being thrown through the windshield during a 2005 car accident in Berlin, Germany.

5. Is a painter, sculptor and photographer and has shown his art pieces in galleries in New York, Berlin and Frankfurt.

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