Five Things You Don't Know About Adam Levine

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Five Things You Don't Know About Adam Levine

He's known as the frontman and guitarist for Maroon 5 and now serves as a music coach/mentor on the NBC competition The Voice. But what else do you know about this handsome crooner? Here are five things you probably don't know about Adam Levine.

1. Before hitting it big, worked as a waiter at the Johnny Rockets burger chain and also worked as a writer's assistant for the TV show 'Judging Amy' to make ends meet.

2. Is an avid basketball fan and at age six, made the winning shot for his local YMCA championship team and said this inspired him to keep striving to succeed.

3. Has said his favorite musicians are Prince and Stevie Wonder.

4. Went to the same high school as Jake Gyllenhaal, whom he has known since kindergarten.

5. Once said he has a "secret crush" on Brad Pitt. "Every male secretly wants sex with Brad Pitt," he told VH1.

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