Finger-Wagging Canadian Media and Stars Cheer Obama Winning Re-Election

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TORONTO – That huge sucking noise you hear from the north is the sound of Canadians, and Hollywood stars at work in Canada, heaving a giant sigh of relief after the re-election of U.S. president Barack Obama Tuesday night.

“A wonderful morning in Canada – so proud of the USA #democracylives,” Rosie O’Donnell tweeted Wednesday morning after rising early to get to the Toronto set of Bomb Girls, a Canadian drama she’s guest starring on.

“alot of emotion right now. congrats President Obama… Im Canadian. Im good #FreeHealthcare :),” Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber wrote on his Twitter account late Tuesday night.

Canadians, who overwhelmingly supported Obama going into the election campaign while watching his election fist-fight with Mitt Romney, expressed deep pleasure at its dramatic conclusion over the apparent failure of Republicans to embrace emerging demographics and diversity.

“When the numbers are sifted, shaken and stirred, it will become clear that the changing face of America, the growing Latino vote and ballots cast by African Americans moved the needle to Obama, giving him a second term. This new America is passing Republicans by,” Tim Harper, national affairs writer for the Toronto Star, reporting from Romney headquarters in Boston, wrote.

The consensus of Canadian scribes was Republicans needed to embrace ethnic and cultural differences much as Canada’s ruling Conservatives have, if they want to get back into the White House.

John Ibbitson, writing in the Globe and Mail newspaper, said Obama won re-election in the face of a divided nation and a dismal economy “because he represents the America that is, the America that is becoming, not the fading America of the Republican Party.”

And the influential Canadian newspaper entitled its main editorial on Wednesday morning: “Good riddance to the Republican rape apologists.”

Even disgraced Canadian media baron Conrad Black, earlier this year sprung from a Florida jail for fraud convictions, said he’d support Obama in his second term on judicial and welfare issues.

“I am a capitalist, but after my recent experiences in the United States, especially my three years in prison there, am an unambiguous leftist in justice (where I was always a liberal), and in welfare questions (where I always admired the workfare programs of the Roosevelt and Eisenhower administrations),” Black wrote in the National Post newspaper.

“It is scandalous that such a rich country as the United States has 45-million poor people, and I agree with the spirit of the Democratic effort to assist those people,” he added.

And Canadians had little sympathy for a losing Romney, after his election loss and graceful concession speech Tuesday night.

“The only time we’ve looked forward to a Mitt Romney speech,” Mark Critch of the CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes satirical comedy series said on his Twitter account.