Felicity Jones Attempts to Teach Jimmy Fallon How to Fight Like a ‘Rogue One’ Rebel

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Felicity Jones, star of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, joined The Tonight Show Wednesday night where she attempted to teach Jimmy Fallon how to fight like he’s trying to steal the plans to the Death Star, which is what her character, Jyn Erso, does in the film. Fallon wanted her to go slowly when going through the motions, but Jones, weapon in hand, didn’t seem to know any speed other than full speed, which made Fallon admit he was afraid of her.

First, Jones knocked the toy blaster out of Fallon’s hand but did it way too fast, then again when taking a choreographed swing at his head. But it wasn’t just the speed at which she was swinging that scared Fallon, it was also the look on her face. Fallon said the look on her face was mad and she really wanted to hit him, which made Jones only laugh.

When Jones and Fallon were finally ready to try the whole sequence, Fallon put a stop to it, once again because of the look on her face. She asked if he was ready and he replied that he was not. She was about to start anyway so he had to walk away.

“When you make — you made a face at me. You’re going to give it to me,” Fallon said.

When Fallon was finally ready to go through the whole thing, he walked up on her with his blaster like a “real” storm trooper would. Jones was impressive in how quickly she knocked the blaster out of his hand, swung near his head, then again near his leg; Fallon was playing along and going to the ground without any of the injuries he may have been worried about at first. Oddly enough though, throughout the sequence was the sound of a lightsaber every time Jones swung. The weapon in Jones’s hand was not a lightsaber.

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