Facebook Bug Declares Many Users Dead, Including Mark Zuckerberg

Janko Roettgers

Relax, your friends didn’t all just suddenly die: A short-lived bug on Friday caused Facebook to switch countless profiles to a commemorative status, which is meant to preserve someone’s social media presence after their death.

Included in the erroneous sudden mass exodus was none other that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, whose profile read: “We hope people who love Mark will find comfort in the things others share to remember and celebrate his life.”

The mishap ironically led to a flood of users taking to Twitter to declared that they are, in fact, still alive.




I mean I dissociate from my body as much as the next gal but damn facebook i'm pretty sure i'm still alive pic.twitter.com/kQbDCVnJvH

— dī(ə)ltōn (@lilghosthands) November 11, 2016



Facebook didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. However, it looks like the switch may have been a bug that didn’t affect all users. Some got to see the commemorative profiles for all of their friends, while others didn’t see them at all.

The apocalyptic bug ended what happened to be not a great week for Facebook: The social network has been widely criticized for its role in the election of Donald Trump, with many critics taking issue with the many fake stories that have popped up on the service in the past couple of months.

Zuckerberg chimed in himself Thursday, declaring it a “pretty crazy idea” that fake stories on the site could have impacted the election. But as posts on Twitter showed Friday, declaring everyone dead clearly didn’t help to regain trust.




Facebook thinks I'm dead, which is about as accurate as its ability to share factual news pic.twitter.com/bXIoNTwWX8

— Jarett Wieselman (@JarettSays) November 11, 2016


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