'Blair Witch' Director Goes in Search of Bigfoot in New Trailer for 'Exists'

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Long before there were found-footage tornado movies, and found-footage epic party movies, and found-footage super powers movies (stop us here whenever you like), there was one found-footage movie to rule them all: 1999’s The Blair Witch Project, a film who’s massive, viral success was spurned by this nascent little technology known as the Internet. Now Eduardo Sánchez, one of that film’s co-directors and writers, has returned to the genre he helped create with Exists. With his latest, Sanchez hopes to use the found-footage concept to revive one of the more historically unforgiving genres Hollywood has to offer: the Bigfoot movie. 

In following a group of nubile Sasquatch hunters into an increasing isolated woods, Sánchez has advantages this time out that he was missing a decade and a half ago. For starters, people couldn’t make movies with their phones back then, and were much less dependent on technology (anyone who’s taken a wrong turn in a rental car while on vacation can share the terror of the one character who announces, “We are officially out of GPS territory”). But in going after Bigfoot, Sánchez is wading into a genre with few certified hits outside of the 1987 family comedy Harry and the Hendersons. (Want to hear something really scary? They spun that movie off into a sitcom in the early 90’s.)

Sanchez, though, is undaunted. “I think we made the Bigfoot movie I have been waiting for since I was 12-years-old,” he told Coming Soon two years ago. Trust us, Eduardo: Hollywood has been waiting a lot longer than that.