Exclusive: Striking British Miners Team Up With Gay Rights Activists in 'Pride'

Richard Rushfield
Features Editor
Yahoo Movies

In the 17 years since the runaway success of 1997’s The Full Monty, a full-fledged movie genre has emerged around the spectacle of buttoned-up members of the British working class colliding headlong into the forces of cultural modernity.

Having received rave reviews at the Cannes film festival where it debuted this year, the latest entry into the genre looks to be one of the strongest in years; a worthy successor to the Monty legacy.

Pride – the new trailer of which is available exclusively here on Yahoo Movies – tells the inspired-by-real-events tale of an unlikely alliance in British history, when a group of gay and lesbian activists rallied in support of a miner’s strike in 1984; forcing both sides to confront their own set of prejudices.

The film stars a pair of the most delightful stalwarts of recent British cinema’s 50-and-over division: Bill Nighy and Imelda Staunton.

Actor/writer/director/musician Paddy Considine has a major role, playing a leader of the mineworkers union.

Pride opens wide in the US on September 19th.