Kevin Hart Faces a Real-Life Tough Guy in First 'Think Like a Man Too' Clip

Matt McDaniel
Managing Editor
Yahoo Movies

Kevin Hart, the diminutive funnyman from recent hits Ride Along and About Last Night, returns to the big screen in Think Like a Man Too, the sequel to the surprise 2012 smash based on the self-help book by Steve Harvey. This time, he and his crew are in Las Vegas for the wedding of Michael (Terrence J) and Candace (Regina Hall). When some festivities spin of control, the fellows find themselves in jail — a sign of truly successful bachelor party. They’re hauled to the slammer still wearing some unfortunately revealing costumes.

In this scene, Cedric (Hart), in an outfit seemingly borrowed from the closet of The Flintstones' Bamm-Bamm Rubble, picks a fight with a burly cellmate. Described in the credits as “Huge Hulking Guy,” Cedric's 6'-8” antagonist is played by former Hell's Angel chapter president Charles “Pee-Wee” Goldsmith — currently serving time for his involvement in a 2008 brawl in a Vegas chapel.

Think Like a Man Too opens in theaters on June 20.

Photo Credit: Screen Gems