Emma Stone Had a Signed Headshot of Molly Shannon on Her Wall

Will Thorne

For one of her birthdays as a child, Emma Stone was given a signed headshot of Molly Shannon and pinned it up on her wall.

Stone revealed the childhood memento and more to Shannon during an interview for Variety‘s “Actors on Actors,” which will air in full on PBS SoCal on Jan. 3.

As part of the interview, Shannon told Stone that she felt familiar with the actress from the first time she saw her on the big screen. But, Stone responded that the potential reason behind that feeling was the black-and-white photo she had of the former “SNL” cast member on her bedroom wall.

“I grew up with you in my bedroom and the best of and watching you all the time, and so maybe we just have a little connection to each other,” Stone said.

She went on to describe the poster further while Shannon laughed and clapped her hands in disbelief.

“It said XO with a heart and then you’d signed it,” Stone said to a shocked Shannon. “A couple weeks ago I was like, ‘Hey Mom, okay, I’m going to see Molly. Can you tell me if you faked this for me because you knew I wanted this?’ And she was like, ‘No it’s a real headshot,'” Stone said.

The full interview will air on PBS SoCal KOCE during the fifth season premiere of the Emmy Award-winning series, presented by The Venetian Las Vegas, on Jan. 3.

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