Pee-Funk: Ellie Kemper On Her Most Embarrassing Acting Moments

Kevin Polowy
Senior Editor

In Sex Tape, married couple Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) suffer the ultimate humiliation when their dirty home video makes the rounds to their family and friends. In real life, The Office and Bridesmaids star Ellie Kemper — who plays one of Jay and Annie’s pals — knows that kind of public embarrassment well.

The self-effacing, down-to-earth St. Louis native shared with Yahoo Movies a few of the most blush-worthy moments of her showbiz career, which started on the New York improv scene (in such locales as People’s Improv Theatre and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre), continued onto internet notoriety (the viral hit "Blowjob Girl"), and eventually found her on The Office. Yet for all her success, Kemper’s often been forced to deal with a way-overactive bladder.

As Kemper notes in the video above: “When I laugh hard, I wet my pants. And so it’s this sort of wonderful thing, and terrifying thing at the same time. Because I’m having such a good moment laughing and enjoying myself, it demonstrates the good time I’m having… but it also demonstrates soaking wet pants.”

It’s not many Hollywood actors that would cop to serial trouser-tinkling. It’s one of many reasons why we really like Ellie Kemper.

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