'Downton Abbey' Star Dan Stevens Gets Creepy in the New Thriller 'The Guest'

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British star Dan Stevens broke hearts on both sides of the Atlantic when his character Matthew Crawley died an untimely death via car crash on the third season of the upstairs-downstairs TV series Downton Abbey. So it’s a bit of shock to see Stevens’ latest incarnation — as a modern-day, deeply creepy interloper with an American accent in the new trailer for the psychological thriller The Guest.

Directed by Adam Wingard  who last helmed the home-invasion horror movie You’re Next  The Guest tells the story of the Peterson family whose eldest son was recently killed in action. When a fellow soldier named David (Stevens) shows up at their door claiming to have known their son, they welcome him in — which is about when the mysterious deaths start happening. As Wingard told EW earlier this year, “It’s got a sense of humor similar to You’re Next but then it takes an action twist.”

Dan Stevens in 'The Guest'
Dan Stevens in 'The Guest'

The Guest premiered at Sundance in January and earned some positive reviews. Said Variety's Dennis Harvey: “There’s never any doubt that [Steven’s] David is one bat-crazy lethal weapon, as well as one sexy MF.” File under words that were never spoken about Matthew Crawley.