Donald Trump Still Doesn’t Like ‘SNL’, Alec Baldwin Responds 'U Try 2 B Pres' – UPDATE

Greg Evans

Update Alec Baldwin has responded – in kind – to Donald Trump’s anti-SNL twitter blast, reminding the President-elect that “Election is over” and “There is no more equal time. Now u try 2 b Pres + ppl respond. That’s pretty much it.”

But Baldwin’s schooling of the next president didn’t end there. In a biting series of tweets (read them below), he advised Trump to focus on jobs, our global reputation and improving the lives “of as many Americans as possible.”

Oh, and he also seemed to confirm that he’ll be returning to Saturday Night Live. Like so many things recently, this, apparently, is just the beginning.


Previous Filling an entire White House cabinet apparently leaves plenty of time for the future leader of the free world to continue reviewing television comedies and Broadway smashes. This morning, President-elect Donald Trump tweeted his bitterness – and a decidedly ill-informed understanding of equal time provisions – in new responses to both Saturday Night Live and Hamilton.

Trump famously disapproved of Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of the GOP candidate during election season, and clearly hasn’t warmed up with any victory cheer.

And since seeing is believing, here you go:



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