Donald Trump’s Twitter Account Now Praises “Small Groups Of Protesters” For Their “Passion For Our Great Country” – Update

Ross A. Lincoln and Lisa de Moraes

UPDATED, 7 AM: A couple hours after President-elect Donald Trump tweeted petulantly that protesters marching for a second day were being “very unfair’ to him someone on his team reminded him he won. Either that or they took over his Twitter account again, for one of those presidential Trump social-media course-corrections we’ve read so much about.

Anyway, this is what was posted to his account:

That previous late-night tweet….

…had been written at the same time he had tweeted, presidentially, that he had “great chemistry” with Obama when the met for the first time, at the White House, hours earlier – and Melania liked “Mrs. O” a lot:


Previous, November 10, 9 PM PT: Just days after staffers reportedly limited Donald Trump’s access to the social media platform due to concerns that his tendency to express his most petulant thoughts would impact his electoral chances, the President-elect is back on Twitter tonight. And true to form, he’s expressing his most petulant thoughts.

This time the objects of Donald’s wrath are protestors who, for the second night in a row, have taken to the streets of several American cities to demonstrate against Trump’s ultimately successful bid for the Presidency of the United States. In a tweet posted two hours ago, Trump first praised as “open and successful” an election he’d spent months insisting would be rigged, before laying into protestors who, he says, are the pawns of the national news media.

Denver protestor November 10, 2016
Denver protestor November 10, 2016

Tonight’s protests aren’t quite as widespread as last night, but thousands are still gathering in cities such as New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Oakland, Dallas and Denver. In Denver, things kicked off with an estimated 2500 protestors chanting “The People United — Will Never Be Divided!” while carrying “Love Trumps Hate” signs. Meanwhile 500 protestors were estimated to have attended the Philadelphia demonstration, and unspecified thousands in NYC.

Trump had his first official meeting with soon-to-be former President Obama today, and has granted his first post-victory interview to 60 Minutes.

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