Donald Trump Gets ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Treatment On Debate Night

Lisa de Moraes

Spike TV will counter-program Wednesday’s third and final presidential debate with a Donald Trump performance of its own. Amber Tamblyn, as Donald Trump, will perform Color Me Badd’s “I Wanna Sex You Up” during her Lip Sync Battle with outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter America Ferrara, Wednesday at 9 PM ET. (Check out the promo clip above.)

The gag may play into Trump’s latest talk of election-cycle corruption that extends even to NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Lip Sync Battle was introduced on NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, by John Krasinski, then moved with Fallon to Tonight Show, developed as a series, and sold to Spike.

Trump’s campaign spent last week responding to a steady stream of women, now up to 9, who have claimed the GOP candidate made uninvited sexual advances on them, as well as Trump’s much-discussed rebuke by First Lady Michelle Obama. Trump’s camp has questioned the timing of the women’s reports, as part of the candidate’s rigged-campaign rhetoric. But some of the women have said they were responding to Trump’s insistence, at the previous debate, that he never actually engaged in the sex-assault boasts he made to Billy Bush on a leaked Access Hollywood video.


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