Does This Photo Show an Actual 'Jurassic World' Dinosaur?

Gwynne Watkins

Somebody may have let the dino out of the bag. Yesterday, Twitter user Garret Watzig posted this photograph, claiming it depicted an actual velociraptor from next summer’s Jurassic World. The fan site (which is not affiliated with the movie) quickly republished the photograph, cautioning readers that it “could be a hoax, a miscommunication or simply not from Jurassic World.” Two hours later, they updated their post with the news that “multiple sources” reported that the image is the real deal — though official movie channels have neither confirmed nor denied.

Real or not, the photograph is intriguing to anyone who went a little raptor-crazy after seeing the earlier Jurassic Park films. The velociraptor in Watzig’s photo has a slightly different appearance than its previous Jurassic Park incarnations — definitely greener, somewhat less sinister — though it’s still not something you’d want to see stomping around your kitchen.

How could a photo have leaked from such a tightly locked-down production? So far, the only official glimpse of a Jurassic World dino has been this picture of a shadow tweeted by director Colin Trevorrow. (The rest of the official photo releases have been less-than-scintillating.) Movieweb connected some dots, and has theorized that Watzig is pals with the movie’s special effects foreman’s son. Looks like he stirred up some trouble whatever the case is: After deleting the original photo and posting a tweet with the hashtag #imsorry, Watzig took his Twitter account offline this afternoon.