Does Sissy Spacek Approve of the New 'Carrie'?

David Weiner
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Does Sissy Spacek Approve of the New 'Carrie'?

Dark Shadows star Chloe Grace Moretz is excited to be the new Carrie, starting work on June 1 in Toronto on the new adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel. But one major voice has been silent about the casting choice, and that's original Carrie Sissy Spacek – until now.

"I think she's a wonderful actress," Spacek tells while promoting her new memoir, My Extraordinary Ordinary Life, adding of the idea that Julianne Moore would be playing the role of Carrie's mother originated by Piper Laurie, "That's great!"

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Boys Don't Cry director Kimberly Pierce will helm the MGM remake based on King's first published novel about a shy high school student whose home life is hell, thanks to her oppressive, overly religious mother, and wreaks havoc at the prom with her telekinetic powers. Spacek earned an Oscar nomination for the Brian De Palma-directed, 1976 original.

"They hired a really wonderful director, very talented," says Spacek. "It'll be interesting. Our film, it is what it is what it is, and it stood the test of time, but I think that's great, it's like an homage not only to the book but to the film, not only to Stephen King but to Brian De Palma. … The first audience of Carrie has aged now, so I think out of curiosity, I think it's cool. As I understand it, they're not remaking our film; they're going back to the source material, to the book."

Of the 1976 Carrie, Spacek observes, "People go, 'Oh my God, that was so scary,' but really, it was scary like 'Boo!' -- at the end, when the arm comes out -- but there's so much humor in it. It was just one of those serendipitous things with everybody that worked on that, everybody that Brian brought together, brought something to it. He had a real handle on it and he knew what he wanted."

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As for her favorite scene, she shares, "The scene in the kitchen where Piper Laurie is struck with all those kitchen utensils. It's so scary, it's so horrifying, but it's ridiculous. I just love that, and that was back in the old days when they came out on wires and then they reversed the film…"

Spacek suggested that she'll probably go to see the new Carrie when it comes out, but didn't mention whether or not she had been approached to do a cameo.

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