'Django Unchained' Preview, Now With More Samuel L. Jackson

Brent Lang
The Wrap

Samuel L. Jackson finally makes an appearance in a new television spot for Quentin Tarantino's why-can't-this-hurry-up-and-come-out-already bounty hunting drama, "Django Unchained." 

Earlier ads hadn't revealed much about what role the "Pulp Fiction" star would play in Tarantino's latest, but this new preview provides a few tantalizing glimpses of Jackson's involvement: He sits in fine clothes in what appears to be a library, perhaps on the plantation of horrors owned by the villainous Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio). 

Judging from the footage, he may not be as loquacious as Jules, his "Pulp Fiction" character. His only dialogue in the preview is a terse, "You're welcome."

Set in the antebellum South, "Django Unchained" follows a bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) and a freed slave (Jamie Foxx), who team up to capture a reward and find the slave's wife. 

The rest of the trailer is primarily made of bits that appeared in longer theatrical previews, but there's enough James Brown on the soundtrack, spaghetti western inspired shoot-outs and cool dudes talking Tarantino-ese to get the blood racing. 

"Django Unchained" hits theaters on December 25. 

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