Daniel Craig in 'Cowboys & Aliens': What Fans Thought

Daniel Craig in 'Cowboys & Aliens': What Fans Thought

Daniel Craig's latest film, Cowboys & Aliens, opened on Friday to $13 million in the domestic box office, with an expected weekend gross of more than $40 million.

The Hollywood Reporter's Kirk Honeycutt wrote that Craig's Jake Lonergan, the amnesia-addled stranger who rides into the Western town of Absolution with a strange bracelet "is not a man to be messed with. He praised director Jon Favreau, who guest edited THR's Comic-Con issue, for letting "his actors do their thing" and several critics agreed with the assessment. But what did moviegoers think of Craig's performance?

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"Big and blockbustery," was how one moviegoer described the big-budget sci-fi/Western flick. Here are what several fans thought of the British actor's -- best known for playing James Bond in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace -- take:

Kaity (@bittenbooks): "Just got back from seeing Cowboys & Aliens. Really enjoyed it! Loved Daniel Craig's 'tribute' to Indiana Jones with the hat."

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Kaitlyn Kachmarchik (@Kaitlynanne): "Dear Daniel Craig, You rocked that cowboy hat. I hope there is a sequel. P.S. More James Bond please."

Ty Fisher (@tfish29): "Cowboys & Aliens" gets a B. Daniel Craig is an absolute badass, but everything else was all sorts of...meh.

Tom McDowell (@Tdawg12ie): "It was fun. Long on action, special effects; a bit short on story (hard to believe, I know). Great movie if you like Daniel Craig."

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A user with the account @Aoi_Shireo wrote: I've actually never seen Daniel Craig in a movie before I saw Cowboys & Aliens last night. I have to say I was definitely impressed!"

Laura Benton (@lebenton): "Two hours of Daniel Craig strutting around in assless chaps? I've had worse Saturdays. #CowboysAndAliens"

Katrina Strauss (@KatrinaStrauss): "Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford were impeccable, and remind me I like seasoned men, too."

Harry Hunsicker (@harryhunsicker): "#Cowboys&Aliens is a perfect summer flick,. Big and blockbustery. A compelling premise. Daniel Craig's granite chin should get an Oscar nom."

Brett Lincoln (@suprememajority): "After seeing Cowboys & Aliens, I think we need Daniel Craig in Arizona."

Jacquelynne Steves (@TheNobleWife): "Daniel Craig = totally convincing Cowboy, especially for an Englishman."