Dan Rather Pens Message of Hope in Light of Trump Election: "The Heart of a Nation Lies With Its People"

The Hollywood Reporter

Dan Rather took to Facebook on Friday to offer words of wisdom and hope as he reflected on the end of an election "with its bitter partisan divide and often irresponsible rhetoric, that threatens to crumble some of the foundations of our democratic institutions."

Rather noted in his lengthy post that the nation is "once again at an inflection point," but his hope is that Washington, D.C. - which he details through his past experiences as a resident, describing "walking amongst the city's wide boulevards and past its famous addresses" - will maintain its dignity and beauty, which he compared to Rome's.

"Rome is a provocative comparison because the remnants of that ancient society remain standing centuries after the empire that built them crumbled and died," wrote Rather. "For while buildings are important, the heart of a nation lies with its people. Marble may last but the strength of a society must be constantly reinforced."

The veteran newsman also challenged president-elect Donald Trump with the task of keeping the promises he made during his days of campaigning. He also charged readers to hold their new leader accountable. "We now await to see whether the president-elect's actions will match his words. We cannot simply slough off these worries with incantations that everything will work out."

Rather ended his message with a plea for citizens to help preserve the structures of a government that are demonstrated through the historical buildings that were built to accommodate the cradle of democracy.

"And the marble of Washington might cease to be cathedrals to democracy and more like mausoleums. Anyone who considers himself or herself a true patriot cannot allow us to head down this dangerous path. It is in our hands to demand that we re-water the seeds of our highest national morals and ideals."

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