'The Daily Show' Destroys Trump's 'Locker Room Talk' Defense

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The Daily Show took on Donald Trump's now infamous Access Hollywood video from 2005. And while many apologists and the presidential candidate himself referred to the lewd comments as "locker room talk," host Trevor Noah felt very differently.

"There is a big difference between saying dirty words and glorifying nonconsensual sexual contact," said Noah.

Noah used two hypothetical examples, the first being a crime, "Last night I dined with a lovely lady and immediately afterwards I escorted her back to her residence and caressed her genitals despite her lack of invitation."

He then used a much more crude example, that while offensive, is not a crime, "Oh man last night I was rolling with this bad bitch and I was like, 'Are gonna let me smash that ass?' and she said, "No," and I said 'Okay, no pussy for me.'"

Noah then asked the viewers, "Which is worse?" Obviously they are both bad but the first is an assault and the second is someone being crass.

Noah went onto say, "Trump can try to excuse his behavior by calling it locker room talk. But you realize he wasn't in a locker room! He was on a TV interview. If you conduct locker room talk everywhere, it's not locker room talk."