Dad Calls 911 About Suspicious Package, Then Police Find Letters Inside From A Lovesick Woman


A family in rural Tennessee was horrified when a suspicious looking packaged was left in their driveway. The box was labeled "Open ASAP" on the top, and was a 36-inch cardboard box.

The package was left around Halloween. The family quickly called 911. The homeowner believed that it looked like a Christmas present but was far too early to be one — something felt off about it.

"The flap wasn't even secured down," Robertson County's EMA Director R.L. Douglas told Inside Edition.

The Bomb Squad arrived at the home. The team inserted a video scope into the package to look for powder or a bomb, but what they found instead gave them a good laugh.

Inside the box was love letters and a teddy bear. They were from a lovesick woman who was trying to contact a suitor she met on the dating app, Tinder. When she couldn't get in contact with him, she just left the box on the driveway.

"I thought it was somebody just horsing around, and basically, that's what it was," Douglas said.

"There were love letters — two love letters — a photograph of a female lying in the river, clothed, and it was an attempt to contact a man she met on Tinder," said Officer Logan Abernathy. "When he wouldn't contact her, she left the items on the driveway."

The woman was tracked down police and wasn't charged. The saying these days goes "if you see something, say something," so who could blame the family for being safe rather than sorry?

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