'Cult's' Alona Tal on How 'Supernatural' Prepared Her for Her Role (Video)

Rebecca Ford
The Hollywood Reporter
'Cult's' Alona Tal on How 'Supernatural' Prepared Her for Her Role (Video)

On the new CW series, Cult, Alona Tal will be playing an actress who is on a hit show with a passionate fan base. Luckily for her, she already knows what that feels like.

Tal, 29, starred as Jo Harvelle on several seasons of Supernatural, and she says the experience helped her understand what her new character, Marti Gerritsen, is going through.

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“I got to observe that from a safe place because I was never a lead character on that, but I spent enough time on the show to see how fans respond to the lead actors,” Tal says.

Tal, who visited The Hollywood Reporter’s video lounge to talk about the CW’s new show, will play two characters on Cult. She’ll play Marti, who is an actress on the show-within-the-show (which is also called Cult), and she’ll play Kelly Collins, who is the character on the inside show.

THR also asked Tal, who shoots the show  in Canada, about what she planned to do for the premiere of the show on Feb. 19.

“I’m starting to try and adopt that aspect of celebrating one’s landmarks,” she says, adding that for a film she recently starred in, Broken City, she went to the theater with a bunch of friends.

“I would usually just go by myself and sit in the back and kind of cower,” she adds.

For the night of the premiere episode of Cult, Tal says she plans on breaking bread with the cast.

“I’m going to invite my cast members and see if they want to go to dinner and not think about it, not worry about ratings, not worry about how it’s doing and just celebrate the fact that we did it and we like each other,” she says.

Cult premieres on Tuesday, Feb. 19, at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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