Comcast CEO Vows to Support Family of CNBC Executive Whose Kids Were Killed by Nanny

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Comcast's Brian Roberts Talks TV Everywhere, New Entertainment System and the Cloud

Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts on Friday ended his company's earnings conference call on a somber note, expressing his support for a CNBC executive and his family after two of their three children were killed by their nanny on Thursday.

CNN had reported that the nanny stabbed the children before slashing her own throat in the apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

"The father of the children was part of our CNBC family," Roberts said in wrapping up the earnings call of the cable company, which controls 51 percent of CNBC parent NBCUniversal. "So, I just wanted to say on behalf of all of us at CNBC and Comcast and NBCUniversal and many others around the nation how touched and sad we are by this unspeakable act. And we will do anything we can to support the family in [this] awful time."

He added: "Thank you, all, and we'll go back to our jobs, but have them in our thoughts and prayers."

CNN identified the father as CNBC executive Kevin Krim. His title is listed as senior vp/general manager, CNBC Digital in online listings. CNN said that he had been on a business trip, and police met him at the airport to share the news.

The nanny was arrested and taken to a hospital in critical but stable condition, CNN quoted police as saying. The mother was also brought to a hospital amid emotional trauma, it said.


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