Chris Brown Smokes Up Instagram

Jackie Willis
The Insider
Chris Brown Smokes Up Instagram

Chris Brown is at it again. The R&B star, 23, attempted to keep up his bad-boy persona by posting an Instagram pic of himself in Amsterdam with not one, not two but three joints in his mouth.

Brown captioned the photo, writing: "Oh don't worry. It's medicinal!! Lol." From there, he proceeded to blow up his Instagram with a slew of images of he and his friends' hazy eyes. Captions to the party pics included "woah," "red eye" and "looking bad."

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These photos from Brown's marijuana party come just a few days after the entertainer posted an image of he and on-again, off-again girlfriend Rihanna with a caption that read "morning after."

What do you think of Brown's behavior? Is he just having fun or is this a bad example?

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