Chris Brown Defends Controversial Costume

Jackie Willis
The Insider

Chris Brown went on a profanity-ridden rant when asked about the adverse reactions to his Halloween costume.

The 23-year-old R&B star, along with his entourage, decided to dress up as a group of gun-toting Middle Eastern men, putting Brown in yet another online media firestorm. "It's f**king Halloween! It’s a motherf**king pagan holiday," he said on Los Angeles' Power 106's Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show. "We dress our kids up as Satan, demons, little goblins, and all this other sh*t. Get over it, people!"

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Not seeming to find the costume at all offensive, he added, "I was dressed as the people we killed, the person we killed … Bin Laden!… It's nobody’s motherf**king business!"

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What do you think? Do you find Brown's Middle Eastern getup to be a little insensitive? Let us know, below.

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