Celebrate Thanksgiving With Steve Harvey and ‘Family Feud’ on ‘This Week in Game Shows’

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Family Feud is great at teaching you the best way to feud with your family this holiday week, but Steve Harvey and friends also have your guide to the perfect Thanksgiving Day. Contestants on the show were asked a multitude of questions involving not just Thanksgiving, but also food in general. And some of the answers were anything but tasteful.

One contestant, when asked to name something a female turkey has that’s so sexy a male turkey would just want to gobble her up, said the taste, which actually makes perfect sense. One answer that made no sense at all was when a woman said that a family of cannibals would fight over a human head at the dinner table. This was met with one of Steve Harvey’s famous deadpan looks, but her husband supported her answer, possibly because they’re newlyweds and he knows what’s good for him.

Harvey wet our lips asking questions that, sometimes in a roundabout way, led to potatoes and gravy. But what was up with the guy who said he loves juicy vegetables? Harvey had a field day with this one, saying he just loves “big ol’ juicy green beans.”

Check out Stephen Colbert taking over the Butterball Turkey hotline:

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