Catch up on all five episodes of 'The Following' in five minutes [Exclusive video]

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Kevin Bacon's serial-killer TV drama (buckets of blood included), "The Following," is already five episodes in, and the death toll is rising. Have you missed any episodes? Fear not! (Well, fear a little -- this show is freaky!) Now, you can catch up on every sinister moment you've missed in no time, with this exclusive "five episodes in five minutes" video recap.

The series kicks off by introducing viewers to Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), the Edgar Allan Poe-obsessed serial killer who murdered 14 young females and was eventually caught by FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon). In the opening sequence, Carroll escapes from prison, and Hardy -- who left the FBI on bad terms -- is called in to consult on the case.

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"He was making art," Hardy says about Carroll. "He cut out his victims' eyes as a nod to his favorite works of Poe."

Carroll's first and only stop after his escape is to finish his last kill, Sarah Fuller (Maggie Grace), which was thwarted by Hardy before Carroll's arrest. Carroll murders Fuller before surrendering to Hardy and returning to prison.

The investigation really takes a bizarre turn when the team realizes that Carroll has created a network of followers, who essentially worship Carroll as a god and Poe's words as scripture.

The followers include Fuller's gay neighbors, Paul (Adan Canto) and Jacob Wells (Nico Tortorella), who befriended her before abducting her and delivering her to Carroll; an idiot prison guard, Jordy (Steve Monroe), who helped Carroll escape and then slaughtered several sorority girls; and Emma (Valorie Curry), a ruthless follower who worked under an alias for years while she babysat Joey, Carroll's only son with ex-wife Claire Matthews (Natalie Zea).

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Emma kidnaps Joey and meets up with Paul and Jacob. They all go to a farmhouse in upstate New York. Young Joey thinks he's been taken on an adventure but soon gets suspicious.

Back at the station, a woman named Maggie Kester (Virginia Kull) tells Hardy a story about her abusive husband, but as it turns out, Maggie is also a follower. A call to Hardy reveals that Maggie has kidnapped his sister and will trade her for Hardy. He goes through with it, and Maggie secures magnets to his chest to disrupt his pacemaker.

While Emma, Paul, and Jacob are occupied, Joey makes a call to his mom, who has a trap-and-trace device on her phone. The cops get a signal and locate the house, but Matthews is persuaded to follow a different plan if she ever wants to find Joey.

Hardy follows the lead and finds Joey in the house, but Paul, gun in hand, walks up behind Hardy and puts it to his head.

To find out who makes it out alive and who can be trusted, tune in to "The Following" on Monday at 9 PM on Fox.