'Catastrophe' Star Rob Delaney Raises $54,000 to Unseat Politicians Who Rescinded Trump Endorsements Over Leaked Tape

The Hollywood Reporter

Catastrophe star Rob Delaney does not appreciate hypocrisy.

The comedian has raised more than $54,000 this week to unseat GOP politicians who endorsed Donald Trump and then rescinded their endorsements in light of the 2005 Access Hollywood audio of Trump and then-host Billy Bush making vulgar comments about women, which emerged on Friday.

"That's what it took for you to disavow him?" writes Delaney in a Tumblr post. "Since I'm not a total moron, I know that what really happened is that it finally became clear to anyone who knows how elections work that Trump was definitely going to lose."

Delaney argues that the "drive for self-preservation that led these turd balls to endorse" Trump in the first place, is what compelled these politicians to disavow the GOP candidate for his comments about groping women.

The writer-actor says he's supporting Hillary Clinton because of her Supreme Court nominee options and health care policies.

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Delaney says he's going to donate, and encourage people to donate, money to the politicians running against candidates who formally unendorsed Trump on or after Oct. 7. Delaney has partnered with Democratic fundraising site ActBlue to oust the candidates he refers to as "spineless shit loaves."

While Delaney points out that he loathes some politicians like Paul Ryan, he is leaving those who refuse to rescind their Trump endorsements alone.

"I'm talking about the real garbage, the people who want it both ways; the people who got on the train, and now want to get off," said Delaney. "F - you baby, you're on the train till it crashes into the American Electorate at full speed. Keep your eyes open and stay alert; I want you to feel it."

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