California Votes to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Jacob Bryant

California has voted to approve marijuana for recreational use.

Amid a tight presidential race, it was announced that Proposition 64 had been passed just after polls closed on the West Coast. Under the proposition, California residents 21 and older will be able to legally carry up to an ounce of weed and grow six marijuana plants. The victory, which came on the heels of a rejected measure six years ago, has created the largest market for marijuana products in the U.S.

With the legalization, California joins Colorado, Washington state, Washington D.C., Alaska, and Oregon as states that will treat marijuana like alcohol — taxing and regulating it — rather than as a crime.

“We are very excited that citizens of California voted to end the failed policy of marijuana prohibition,” Nate Bradley, executive director of the California Cannabis Industry Association said to the Los Angeles Times. “Proposition 64 will allow California to take its rightful place as the center of cannabis innovation, research and development.”

Famed marijuana aficionado Snoop Dogg wasted no time in celebrating the news, taking to Twitter to say, “We just legalized marijuana in Cali #smokeweedeveryday.”

California passed the use of medical marijuana in 1996. Recreational sales will begin on Jan. 1, 2018.

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