Brian Wilson on Possibility of a New Beach Boys Reunion: 'I Doubt It'

Erik Pedersen
The Hollywood Reporter

After sharing the best historical album award for The Smile Sessions at the Grammys Pre-Telecast awards, Brian Wilson was asked backstage about the possibility of a Beach Boys reunion.

Wilson replied quickly, flatly and without emotion, "I doubt it, no."

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The Beach Boys frontman's comments were typically brief and to the point. The favorite song he's written? “California Girls.”

Did you and Van Dyke Parks -- Wilson's collaborator on album --  know when you were writing Smile that is was ahead of its time? "Yes, we did," he responded.

The Beach Boys had embarked on a lengthy 50th anniversary tour in 2012 only to have it end in acrimony last fall.

Mike Love and Wilson each traded dueling statements arguing about whether Wilson was "fired" from the band after Love announced that he would continue touring with a stripped down version of the Beach Boys.