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'Breaking Bad'-'MythBusters' Crossover Reaches an Explosive Conclusion (Video)

Tim Kenneally
August 9, 2013

"Breaking Bad" and "MythBusters" are hoping to make a big bang together.

Discovery Channel's scientific debunking series "MythBusters" dedicates its Aug. 12 episode to AMC's hit meth drama, which stars Bryan Cranston as a high-school chemistry teacher gone horribly wrong.

A preview clip from the episode features the "MythBusters" gang testing out a scene from the first season of the show, when Cranston's character, Walter White, uses mercury fulminate to make a drug kingpin's office blow up real good.

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In the clip, the "MythBusters" crew does a trial run with the chemical, discharging five grams of the stuff to see if it will blow up a pumpkin.

Result? Yup, mercury fulminate will do the job just fine.

The crew moves on to test whether a bigger dose will result in the explosion depicted on "Breaking Bad," but you're going to have to tune in to "MythBusters" on Aug. 12 to see the result.

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Until then, enjoy this little morsel.

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