Zombies, Sweaters and Polygamy: The 10 Big Questions for Mirelle Enos

Richard Rushfield
Features Editor
Movie Talk

Mirelle Enos is fast becoming the screen's go-to lady for brooding, intense, driven women. As Detective Sarah Linden in AMC's , "The Killing" she embodies the show's sense of quiet dread, while appearing opposite Brad Pitt in "World War Z" she believably defended her family and transformed herself into a zombie-killing machine.

We spoke with Enos on the phone from her home in Los Angeles, on the occaision of World War Z's release on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Q: What did you learn from your time fighting zombies?
A: I learned in a situation like that, you just have to keep the people you love close and run as fast as you can.

Q: You've said it was terrifying kissing Brad Pitt. What kept you awake more, that or the thought of the world being conquered by zombies?
A: Definitely the zombies. It's so funny, I was making a joke about that and it's the thing that follows me around everywhere. But zombies are much scarier than Brad.

Q: Would you be a zombie for Halloween?
A: I don't think I can go there, but it would be funny to dress my baby as a zombie. Although she has her heart set on being a bunny, so maybe we can make her a baby zombie bunny.

Q: How do you put zombies and murderers aside after a day at the office?
A: It helps keep my real life more normal and balanced. I get to exorcize all that in my work. At home, I'm grateful for my sweet family and peaceful existence. Acting is a focused place to get the demons out and then you realize you can just be happy.

Q: Why do you get cast in these intense roles?
A: I don't know. I'm little - 5'2", 100 pounds wet and a pretty positive person. But I have the ability to empathize with people whose lives are more complicated than mine. So even when I'm playing these dark people I still have the hope for some kind of good to shine through. So I think that tension actually makes for a complex performance. At least I hope so.

Q: Are people shocked that you're only 5'2"?
Yeah. They see this silly grin and how small I am and I'm totally goofy and they say, 'Who are you?'

Q: You played part of a polygamous relationship on HBO's "Big Love." Do you now watch "Sister Wives?"
A: I don't. "Big Love" found this incredible balance of showing both this crazy world and making you root for the family. But modern day pologamy in truth is something I find extremely sad so I don't get into watching that at all.

Q: You are half-French, half-Texan. Which side is more stubborn?
They have very different versions of extreme stubbornness. I think I received equal doses of both, so my poor husband has a lot to deal with. Combined it might even be exponential how they feed on each other.

Q: You are a black belt in Taekwondo. How has that affected you?
A: It's all about balance, ying/yang and reaching the potential of our own power while staying relaxed and focused. It's about diverting negative energy. It helps me feel centered and calm. It's a wonderful companion to my acting.

Q: Detective Linden was noted for her loyalty to sweaters. What is your favorite sweater?
I love a cardigan, a big bulky button down cardigan. My poor husband every time he buys a sweater, I end up wearing it so he finally bought me a whole bunch of men's sweaters. Everybody makes fun of the Sarah wardrobe, but it's so comfortable. It's the most comfortable thing I've ever worn. Big old boots, jeans and a sweater, especially in that cold Vancouver weather.

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