Zach Braff Reaches $2 Million Kickstarter Goal in 3 Days

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Outcries that Zach Braff was unfairly asking for a handout on Kickstarter didn't stop him from reaching his goal.

Braff's crowdfunding campaign, created to help fund his film "Wish I Was Here," easily reached its $2 million target with plenty of time to spare. A little more than 29 thousand backers helped Braff reach the $2 million mark by Saturday -- in just three days of his 30-day campaign.

Braff was so happy about it, he doled a virtual hug out to his backers as he closed in on his goal:

He also wrote a celebratory tweet after he reached $2 million that included the message, "I will not let you down. Let's go make a killer movie!"

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Now Braff is in the clear to make his long awaited followup to 2004's "Garden State," which, he says, is a continuation of the film "in tone."

Braff didn't reach his fundraising objective as quickly as did the "Veronica Mars" movie, which ran a similar campaign just weeks ago. But he did get there pretty darn quickly.

"Wish I Was Here" is scheduled to start filming in August with the intention of debuting at next year's Sundance Film Festival in late January, 2014.

But will The Shins show up again in Braff's next soundtrack? Hmmm.
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