Yippie Kai Yay, Bruce Willis! Ten Great Films For His Birthday

Mark Deming
Movie Talk

Happy birthday to Bruce Willis, who turns fifty-eight today. A star who moves comfortably between action, comedy, and drama, Willis was born on an American military base in West Germany (his father was serving in the U.S. military and his mother was German), and he spent most of his childhood in Penns Grove, New Jersey.

Willis picked up the acting bug in high school, and after studying drama at New Jersey's Montclair State University, he moved to New York and worked in dozens of off-Broadway shows, bit parts in films, and minor roles on television shows before he landed his big break in 1985, playing wisecracking private detective David Addison opposite Cybil Shepherd on the hit TV series "Moonlighting." While Willis enjoyed moderate success with a pair of Blake Edwards comedies, "Blind Date" (1987) and "Sunset" (1988), he reinvented himself as an action hero with the 1988 blockbuster "Die Hard," in which he showed he could toss off wisecracks and kick butt at the same time. Since then, Willis has enjoyed an admirably eclectic career, showing his skills as a serious dramatic actor and taking occasional roles in smaller projects when he isn't showing off serious brawn and quick wit in big budget spectaculars.

To help celebrate Bruce's big day, here's a run-down of ten of his best and most iconic movies. Click here to check them out >>