Yeah, That New ‘John Carter’ Image Doesn’t Make Us Any Less Worried About the Movie

The Projector

We love director Andrew Stanton. (Loved "Wall-E" and "Finding Nemo.") But we are very concerned about "John Carter," his upcoming fantasy-adventure (and first live-action feature). The buzz has been bad for months, and his New Yorker profile didn't convince us everything would turn out fine. And then today we get this still image. This is one of the film's White Apes terrorizing John Carter (Taylor Kitsch). "[W]hat we did is we made the White Apes a formidable creature that you kind of hear about throughout the movie, but you never really witness," Stanton explained. "There's a subtle sense of anticipation for what these things might be like." Congrats, Mr. Stanton: You've just turned the White Ape into the new Sad Keanu.