Is ‘World War Z’ Hiding a Secret Zombie Cat Invasion?

Lilian Min
Movie Talk

When "World War Z" premieres this Friday, a new wave of undead terror will be unleashed on the nation. But is hiding in the middle of the latest horde, the scariest zombie yet: a zombie cat?

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Tumblr user Steve Niles caught and pointed out an ominous silhouette reaching up at the doomed copter in "Z"'s poster:

That's right, there's a undead feline leaping out of that mass of humanity, and it's out to get revenge for all those times you forced it to take a bath or took away its catnip mouse.

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Sound too good to be true? Alas, as amazing as the zombie cat is, it seems to be just a meme, not a real live movie zombie. Whiskers will not be out for blood in the film. A search for the actual "World War Z" poster (below) reveals entirely cat-free carnage.

Upon examination, the Zombie cat poster and detail seem to be an ingenious internet-created meme, original source currently unknown. However, it should be noted that "World War Z cat" is the third most-searched phrase for the film, showing that this myth, like a cat itself, has nine lives.

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