‘World War Z’ and The Great Zombie Tease

Kara Warner
Senior Reporter
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World War Z
World War Z

Feast your eyes upon the brand new international poster for "World War Z," courtesy of the U.K. website Hey You Guys. It features a forlorn-looking Brad Pitt as would-be hero Gerry Lane, looking out across a bleak, burning, post-apocalyptic landscape.

Presumably filled with zombies.

See, "World War Z" is based on Max Brooks' popular book that takes place in the aftermath of a brutal war fought against humans who were infected with a deadly virus and came back to life as deadly flesh-eating zombies.

This new image is clearly meant to showcase protagonist Pitt, in stark contrast to the first zombie pileup poster that was released. And as we approach the film's June 21 release date, it makes sense to release a new image, but the zombie fanatics out there are surely wondering: When will we see these zombies up close and personal?

Yahoo! Movies sought out a few experts for their thoughts on the matter and discovered the short answer is: not anytime soon.

"It's always smart for thrillers to hold as much back as they can in the marketing campaign, so keeping the zombies out is a smart move," BoxOffice.com vice president Phil Contrino told us. "Brad Pitt is one of the world's most recognizable movie stars and they are using him wisely. North American audiences can be skeptical all they want, but this one is going to do very well overseas," he continued. "The global outlook for 'World War Z' remains bright no matter what zombie buffs are complaining about online."

There's also the chance that the studio wants to avoid any more unflattering Internet speculation and keep its best foot forward (Pitt). That or the zombies just aren't finished/ready to be seen.

"My speculation is that the zombies are primarily computer-generated, and the effects are either not finished or dated looking, i.e., the CGI in "I Am Legend," said a marketing expert at a rival studio. "There are many rumors swirling around that movie, so the promotional strategy could be to play to the movie's strengths and rely on Brad Pitt to do the heavy marketing lifting."

Still skeptics or no, Fandango chief correspondent Dave Karger said there's no reason to show a creature close-up ahead of the release, and is betting that audiences will show up for the movie no matter what, whether they're zombie-curious, die-hard Pitt fans, etc.

"When you have a film with as much advance buzz as 'World War Z,' you don't need to reveal your creatures in a poster," Karger said. "The studio would much rather tease the fans and obviously get them to spend money buying a ticket in order to see the zombies up close."

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