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8 World War Z's: What Else Could It Stand For?

Lilian Min
Movie Talk
June 21, 2013

Have you noticed that in all of the marketing materials for "World War Z" – posters, trailers, billboards... – not once have you seen the word "zombies"?

We were perplexed. After all, isn't that undead appeal part of the reason why the original book and now the film exist in the first place?

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Who are were we to question the studio's marketing efforts? But if they're not talking about zombies, then what could the titular 'Z' stand for?

After much intense speculation, we came up with the following possibilities and, for added interest, made .gifs of Brad Pitt running away from them.

1. World War Zebras

2. World War Zeppelins

3. World War Zamboni

4. World War Zoobooks

5. World War Zombie, Rob

6. World War Zou Bisou Bisou

7. World War Zoolander

8. World War Zamfir (Master of the Pan Flute)

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