Woman Ate Only Starbucks Food for All of 2013

Ralphie Aversa
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Woman Ate Only Starbucks Food for All of 2013

New Year’s resolutions are usually predictable: lose weight, quit smoking, find a significant other, or maybe budget money more effectively. A Seattle woman went on a diet but took the task a step further, testing her will to see if she could limit her food consumption to just one outlet.

That one “restaurant” is coffee chain Starbucks. That woman is named Beautiful Existence. Yes, that is her real name.

Existence spent 365 days eating and drinking exclusively at the coffee store and Starbucks-related restaurants. She spent $500-600 dollars per month, and did not impose the restrictions on her two children – although she would bring them treats from time to time. Existence claims she both lost weight and feels great after the diet.

When contacted via Twitter, she explained why Starbucks was her choice.


“So many reasons...brand awareness, partner treatment, personal dedication, etc.,” she tweeted to us. “Personal dedication” is nothing out of the ordinary to Existence.

The mother of two has found herself in the news for yearlong commitments on multiple occasions. In 2011, she bought every item of clothing and then some from the Goodwill. The following year, she tested out every idea and tip in Parents magazine.

For the New Year, Existence will try to learn every recreational sport from Recreational Equipment Inc. There are over 80 sports on her list.

And even though her Starbucks challenge is complete, Existence says she’ll still partake in the company’s food and beverages from time to time.