Why in the World Would ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Film at Occupy Wall Street?

The ProjectorOctober 18, 2011

We were a bit disturbed when "The Dark Knight Rises" decided to film at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh back in August, using real Pittsburgh Steelers players, fans and cheerleaders. We're sure that team will be called the "Gotham Ghosts" or something, and we'll all do our best to suspend disbelief, but still: Asking us to buy Ben Roethlisberger as a fictional character in a fictional universe (one that has Batman in it!) is just asking for trouble. But Heinz Field seems to be the least of it.

According to the excellent Steven Zeitchik at the Los Angeles Times, Christopher Nolan and company are filming in New York City at the end of October ... and it looks like they're going to film at the Occupy Wall Street protests. Really.

Under its code name "Magnus Rex," the Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures production will arrive in the nation's biggest city for 14 days starting Oct. 29, according to a casting notice recently issued by producers. And, according to a person briefed on actors' schedules who requested anonymity because production details were being kept confidential, cast members have been told the shoot could include scenes shot at the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Zeitchik, smartly, points out that Nolan loves to make up rumors about his films, because honestly that's the only way to stay sane when you're surrounded by photogs trying to find a picture of a stray codpiece or something everywhere you go. But if it's true: It's one thing to strive for realism and verisimilitude in your films, to ground your superhero film in the gritty, messy truths of the actual planet. It is another thing all together to have Batman swooping around over an ongoing (and growing) protest for social justice for the ultimate profit of Time Warner, Inc. We get what Nolan is trying to do. But we hope he's just messing with us again.

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