Well, THAT’S Over: The Week The Oscars Went Nuts

The Projector

There were a lot of scandals this week. The horrors of Penn State. The Herman Cain oddities. Poor Rick Perry and his malfunctioning memory. (We think he should change his name to "Ricky" Perry. Can't hurt!) And of course our little world of movies, which had Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy out and Brian Grazer and Billy Crystal in. We hope everyone behaves next week. Weeks like this wear everybody out.

Here are things that happened this week:

*** Jessica Chastain is your new Princess Di.

*** Save Roger Ebert's show.

*** Ed Wood's trashy old novels.

*** Brett Ratner: Chapter One. Chapter Two. Chapter Three. Chapter Four. Chapter Five. Chapter Six.

*** Who could have improved on Eastwood?

*** Ah, movie posters.

*** No Muppets. Just Billy Crystal.

*** The Projector Movie of the Week is "Into the Abyss."

*** Ah, Armond White.

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All right, that'll do it for us. Try not to start any scandals this weekend. We'll see you Monday.