Weirdos In Hong Kong Prefer Sex To James Cameron

The ProjectorApril 21, 2011
Relax, these aren't the stars of the film. WireImage
Relax, these aren't the stars of the film. WireImage

"Avatar" still owns just about every box office record you can imagine, in just about every country in the world. But today, it owns one less. Before last weekend, "Avatar" was the single-day leader in box office in Hong Kong, with 2.63 million in Hong Kong money, whatever it is they call money there. That might seem among the less significant of "Avatar"'s many records. But then you see what broke it.

The biggest single-day grosser in Hong Kong history? It's "3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy," a "soft-corn" porn film shot entirely in 3-D. A sex film shot in 3-D has long been one of those curios, a theoretical construct that, honestly, sounds like a little more 3-D than human beings might need. But, not surprisingly, one supposes, it's a hit in Hong Kong.

Here's Slashfilm's plot description:

3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy is a remake of a 1991 film of

the same name about a sexually frustrated teacher in ancient China who

gets wrapped up in the harem of a new friend. Featuring full nudity and

"camouflaged lovemaking" but no actual penetration, Sex and Zen is billed as "the world's first 3-D erotic film"

Ha. So it's not just a softcorn porn film ... it's a reboot!

Observers point out that a large number of moviegoers are thought to have sneaked over from mainland China, where such films are not allowed. That always helps. It'll be released throughout Europe in the coming months. We're gonna bet it never makes it here, though.

Here's the trailer, which is Safe For Work, if not Safe For Your Soul.

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